What is Botox?

The popularity of Botox injections is mainly due to its ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is also used to treat conditions such as neck spasm, excessive sweating, and overactive bladder. Botox works by weakening and reducing muscle contraction, so it is used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes as well.

 The most important therapeutic and cosmetic advantages of Botox.

1- Treatment of wrinkles and frown lines that appear on the forehead

2- Facial muscle spasm treatment

3- Rejuvenating the skin and renewing its cell

4- It can be used to improve the appearance of hair

5- Treatment of hyperhidrosis, whether in the feet or hands

Differences Between Filler&Botox

Botox and fillers are used for the same purpose for the purpose of beautification, especially in women. However, Botox acts on temporary paralysis of the muscles and prevents the contraction and flattening of the eyebrows, while the Filler works as a filling material in the subcutaneous fillings, so that the filler is injected to fill in the smile lines, inflate the cheeks, and augment the lips, as well as It helps reduce scars.

How to Perform Botox Injection

1- The patient is asked to sit upright on the examination table.

2- Then the injection area is cleaned with an alcohol-free lotion.

3- After that, Botox is injected into separate areas of the face

4- The patient is asked to remain in an upright position for five minutes after the Botox injection to ensure that there are no problems after the injection.


What is the alternative to Botox?

Aloe vera extract and egg mask, face lifting cream, yeast mask, sugar and lemon mask, skin vitamins.

When do the results of Botox appear?

Botox results usually appear after about 10 days, and the effects of bruises and scars disappear after 3-4 days

What are the harms of Botox?

Headache, pain and swelling, vision problems, high body temperature.

What is the appropriate age for Botox?

In the twenties: It can be a preventative measure

Thirties: Can prevent any expression lines from deepening and becoming static

In your 40s: Can help smooth out deep lines

In the fifties: it can revive again.

Things to Consider

You probably won’t see results right away, as it takes an average of two to three days before the Botox starts working, and it can take up to three weeks before you see full results


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