What is Derma Pen?

Dermapen is a small device that looks like a pen, consisting of a group of fine needles that work to create small holes or scratches in the upper layer of the skin, whether for the skin or the face, and the price of the Dermapen is relatively average compared to other skin treatment techniques

The Dermapen device is characterized as a portable cylinder that does not hinder or restrict movement, and it is a device that can be adjusted in depth so that it is not too deep in sensitive areas, and surgical needles can be disposed after the session for the sake of patient safety

 The most important therapeutic and cosmetic advantages of Derma Pen.

 1- Reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face

 2- Acne scar treatment and the effect it leaves

 3- Rejuvenating the skin and renewing its cells

 4- Reducing enlarged pores

 5- Treatment of sagging skin resulting from weight loss and liposuction

Conditions in which Dermapen cannot be applied?

It cannot be applied to people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as a predisposition to keloid growths, eczema or psoriasis, active acne, viral skin disorders (eg herpes, warts), use of blood thinners and bleeding disorders

Dermapen mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of the Dermapen device revolves around enhancing the healing of the skin itself, as the Dermapen device consists of 12 micro-needles that pierce the upper layer of the skin, causing minor injuries in the treated area.

The skin responds to it by healing itself by enhancing the production of collagen and elastin in the treated area, which stimulates the growth of new tissues that treat various skin problems and gives the face freshness and smoothness.


Will there be any scars after the dermapen procedure?

In the Dermapen process, scars and spots are generally not a condition. However, such situations can be encountered when it is done by unqualified persons.

How many days does the rash last after dermapen?

Usually there will be no rash after an average of 1-2 days

Can Dermapen be applied to acne skin?

Dermapen treatment should not be applied after acne treatment.

Is it a painful process?

No, there is minimal pain. Pain can be relieved with an anesthetic cream

Things to Consider

It should not come into contact with water for 24 hours after the Dermapen procedure. Only moisturizing water creams should be used

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